Welcome To The Financial Literacy Education Center!

Dear Friends,

welcome_smallI created the Financial Literacy Education Center (FLEC) to help you make educated choices about your money.

I have found, over my 30+ years as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)™, that the overwhelming majority of people do not have the proper tools, resources, and education to effectively manage their money.

You read that right: many people may be risking their children’s chances of going to a good college, their own chance at a comfortable and secure retirement, and their ability to provide a strong legacy for the next generation.  Not only that, but without strong money-management habits formed during childhood, the next generation may be facing the challenge of not knowing how to make sure their paycheck goes as far as it should.

It is for this reasons that I created the Financial Literacy Education Center (FLEC).

I have gathered a powerful collection of resources, including lessons, e-books, calculators, and games, geared toward helping you build wealth for generations.  As a member of the FLEC, you will hear from me regularly with follow-ups, additional resources, and assistance.

Anytime you have a question, you can ask me.  Just click here to ask me whatever questions you have about Financial Literacy.

Again, thank you for joining the FLEC and I look forward to serving you.

To Your Wealth!


Marty Higgins
Family Wealth Management

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